Hurricane Dora-ian

Date: 9/3/19

AO: Run Forest Run

QIC: Sweater Vest

# of Pax: 4

Pax: Doubtfire 🔥, Money Gun 💰 , daggerboard 🗡 and sweatervest 💦

Warm-o-rama: Windmill * 10 IC, Cotton Picker x 11 IC, Goofballs * 12 IC

The Thang: We ran from Lot M to Chancellor’s Walk for a Sprint/Lunge rotation where we alternated sprinting, karaoke and backwards running between light poles.

We stopped at the end for some brief lunge walks whilst we waited for the 6, then moseyed up around to the twin pergolas on Randall and came back into the main section of campus.

Using the outdoor amphitheater as our home base (the eye of the hurricane, if you will….and I sincerely hope that you will). We partnered up for a tag team Dora thing (really was just trying to get the pun for the title above) around the middle pond and amphitheater with 2x (25 dips, 50 decline merkins, 100 LBCs.)

Circle of Mary back at Lot M: 25 flutter kick IC, 30 hello Dolly’s IC, 30 american hammers IC 🇺🇸, and 30 WWII sit-ups IC.

COT: sign up for #dorian_cleanup if you haven’t already, keep the PAX updated if you or yours have any needs, and fill up that Q calendar for #runforestrun through thanksgiving. Prayers for those in the path of Dorian. Hope to see y’all again post-storm. Be safe, and be well. xoxo, Sweatervest


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