• When: 8/31/2019
  • QIC: Tank
  • The PAX: Mr. T, Ronaldo, Dino, Knuckle Puck, Bill Belicheater, EOM, Tennabaum, Vouge, Footy, Overbite, The Hoff, Hush Money, Witch Doctor, Wild Card, Coffee Bean, Sea Horse, Mac Fly, Strawberry, Flounder, Flipper, Armor All, LETC, Sparky, Chop Shop, Sooner, Snap-On, Hover Round, Busted Grill, Gris, Tom Sawyer, Sprinkles, Sweats, Les Nesman, Barnacle, Steak Knives, Happy, Water Boy, Gravity, Heisenberg,

40 PAX came out to celebrate my 7thyear as part this amazing group called F3! It was a very humbling but also a proud hour for the memory book!


YHC ran a quick and fast warmarama to check the box that we warmed up at the basketball court! Real warm up was elsewhere (PAX just didn’t know!)


  • Side Straddle Hops x 12 IC
  • Pickle Pickers x 6 IC

PAX then assumed they were going to the beach but we stopped at the soccer field and proceeded with a fun partner warm up. 2 rounds of the following exercise group:

  • P1 side to side planks w/ 2 burpees on one end while P2 sprints and back and switch
  • P1 side to side planks w/ 3 merkins on one end while P2 sprints and back and switch
  • P1 planks low P2 jumps over, P1 high plank P2 crawls under x5 and switch
  • Partner squat hand drop x10


Now that the real warm up was done, we headed to the beach with a double file Indian run. After a quick stop at the ICR for some dancing crabs (x15), all the HIMs safely arrived at the beach. YHC quickly split the group into 2 with him in the middle and yelled it was going to be a modified Tabata – 40 on/ 20 on! OK, 60 sec rest in b/w sets…

Set 1: Squats (40 sec), Al Gore (20 sec)

Set 2: Mike Tyson (40 sec), Happy Feet (20sec)

Set 3: Lateral Agility (40sec), Reverse Lunge (20 sec)

Set 4: 4 Modified Merkins/4 Plank Jacks (40sec), Plank (20 sec)

Set 5: V-Lunges (40 sec), SSH (20 sec)

Set 6: SUMO Punches (40 sec), Shifters aka Turkish Dance (20 sec)

Well, at least YHC thought we were pretty beat at the end so we jumped in the ocean for a quick cool down and ran back to the AO to wrap things up.

COT for Mary, Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama etc…

Busted Grill prayed us out…


  • I checked the internet, so it must be true. Nothing wrong with calling a stop watch a chronometer!!!
  • Thanks to those PAX who helped with some Mary along the way.
  • Like I always say, consider Q’ing. F3 is a privilege and with that privilege comes a responsibility to lead.

TANK out!


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