8-28-19 (Wed.!!)

AO: The Battleground @ HBP

QIC: Thomas Sawyer

PAX: (11) R-X, Rhombus, Crosswalk, Kix, Crockett, The Adjuster, Doubtfire, Kramer, Special K, Niles & YHC

Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men in order to invigorate male community leadership. Aye!

YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) discussed the fact that YHC is NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own peril and modify/scale where needed.

Warm Up:

5 Burpees OYO (on your own)

14 Bean Pickers – IC (in cadence)

5 Burpees OYO

14 Side Straddle Hopps – IC (in cadence)

5 Burpees OYO (on your own)

14 Above Shoulder Air Presses – IC (in cadence)

5 burpees– OYO (on your own)

Let’s get it on!


Run the Loop w/ Pearls on a String.  No way I can remember all we did along the way since this is 3 days late, but a) we did them and b) YES!! it sucked.

Mosey to front of education building for the……Halyburton Butterfly

Partner Work

P1/P2 10 Mike Tyson Merkins….then run “the ‘fly”

P1/P2 20 Decline Merkins….then run “the ‘fly”

P1/P2 30 Copperhead Squats (SC)….then run “the ‘fly”

P1/P2 40 Flutter Kicks (SC)….then run “the ‘fly”

P1/P2 50 American Hammers….then run “the ‘fly”

Mosey Back to the AO

COT (Circle of Trust)/Moleskin

Countorama: 11 Pax……all good as it was the same as what we started with this a.m.

Namorama: Perfect lighting…all looked to have worked out for solid 45 minutes. Seasoned professionals to the camera with what appears to be clean hygiene and only one take.

FNG’s: Nope…this must be corrected!

P, P & A……yes, there were some but do to the dog eating my homework (and I am 52) I could not recall what they were, BUT I do know we thanked our creator before we left on being able to have worked out together.

Honored to have lead you fine HIM’s and to have written this back blast some 52 hours after our workout this past Wed. 🙂 😦


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