Labor Day Weekend Smackdown

Date: 8/30/19

AO: HMP aka #og_ao

QIC: WaterBoy

PAX (20): Mr. T, Blue Steel, Hoveround, Big Sky, Hahvard, Squareroot, Undertaker, Tea Time, Puffer, BG, Last, Wreck-it Ralph, Minecraft, Steak knives, Gravity, Flying Wasp, Dixie Chick, The Adjuster, McFly, WaterBoy (QIC).
2 PAX for 3miler EC: WaterBoy, McFly

Warmarama (IC): SSH 50x; Butt-kicks 20x; High-knees 20x; Gravelpickers 20x.

Thang: Moseyed to first speedbump after parking lot, bearcrawl to next speed bump, squat-walk to the intersection before next bump, plank while waiting on the six. Mosey over to pull-up bars for X-treme DORA

Partner DORA:50Derkins; 250x X-factor crunches; 300x squats. While partner 1 does above exercises, partner 2 executed 5x Chin-ups with crunch, moseyed to first speedbump by pull-up bars, and executed 5x burpees. Mosey over to intersection, plank while waiting for the six.

Interval sprint-jog-sprint from speedbump to speedbump back to AO. Finished off with 5 minute circle of pain (1 min ab circles clockwise, 1 min ab circles counterclockwise, 30 sec rest, 20x mountain climbers).

COT: Prayers for Undertaker’s friend’s family for the loss of two loved ones, and continued healing for Gravity’s father as he gets to return home today, and for Florida as hurricane Dorian approaches. Awesome work to all, lots of broken spirits this morning from this super high intensity workout. Let’s make this Labor Day weekend count as we look forward to a convergence at Baywatch on Monday. WaterBoy, out.


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