Iron Pax – Week 0

DATE: 8/29/19


# of PAX: 10

PAX: Flounder, Overbite, Hoverround, Gravity, Pencil Pusher, Pony Express, 8Penny, Zuckerburg, LETC


  •  SSH x 20 IC
  •  Imperial Walker x 20 IC
  •  Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
  •  LBC x 20 IC


  • The Iron Pax Challenge, issued by F3 Greenwood to all of F3 Nation, officially kicks off next week, for 4 weeks, so they issued the “preseason” workout for this week!
    • 6 Rounds of:
      • 24 lunge walks (count right leg only)
      • 24 squats
      • 24 merkins
      • run 400m
    • all PAX crushed it! But it was tough!
  • still time left in the workout so line up in single file and Indian Run the outer loop around HMP


  • Gravity gets to bring his dad home tomorrow!
  • prayers to all the students and teachers!

It was a privelege and an honor! You men push me physically, emotionally, and spiritually every morning!

-BTB, over and out!


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