Dora the Explorer in the ILM

Date: August 29 2019

QIC: Kix 

# of PAX: 13 

PAX: crosswalk, RX, Snickers, Brady, Daggerboard, Trump, Money Gun, Fatback, Crockett, Brick City, baby daddy, Dogwood

30 x Seal claps IC
20 x imperial walkers IC
20 x Moroccan nightclubs IC
20 x weed pickers IC

Indian run to Caper Fear Com. College parking deck
Pax partner up for, “Dora the Explorer” – 1 partner completed exercise while other partner ran up the ramp and back down.

1st level – 75 Burpees , mosey to next level
2nd level – 150 Merkins, mosey to next level 
3rd level – 200 squats, mosey to next level 
4th level – 250 plank jacks – mosey to next level 
5th level- 300 LBC’s

Mary on rooftop while waiting for the “6”

Take stairs down and mosey back to AO

At AO, circle up for one round of “Failure to Launch”
Each PAX stands in Al Gore position – Selected PAX completes a 10 count, and and all members “launch” up and back into Al Gore
All PAX complete a 10 count until it finishes with the “Q”.

20 x Freddie Mercury’s IC 
20 x hello dollies IC 


Shirt orders are being taken for Screaming Eagle and Iron Island
September “Q” calendars are wide open, sign up today! 

I appreciate all those who joined me in the gloom for my VQ! Already signed up for the next one. It was an absolute honor and privilege, as it is every morning to post with you men! 

Kix, out! 



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