When nothing is sacred all is consumed. (Plank-fest)



# of PAX: 28 Pax

PAX: Atari, Gravity, Overbite, Mr. T, Big Sky, Hover Round, Hello Kitty, Tiny Dancer, Flounder, Square Root, Pixel Pusher, LETC, Mayhem, Undertaker, Dixie Chick, Wiki, Ichabod, Morpheus, PSB, Mr. Cotter, Floppy Disk, Wreck It Ralf, Busted Grills, Goat, Putty, Dolly, PK, Jiffy Pop

QIC: Jiffy Pop


Mosey a Lap around the grass Island (near AO)

Circle Up

Shoulder Taps – 20 IC

Cotton Pickers – 20 IC

Mountain Man Poopers – 10 IC

Bring Sally Up – Plank for song “Flower” by Moby – (Merkins at “Bring Sally Down”)

The Thang

Mozy to Pullup Bars

Count off by 4s split up for shotgun start on these exercises:
1. 15 Mexican Jumping (Bean) Pull-ups
2. Jog Lap around “Corral”
3. 20 Dips
4. 20 Plank Jacks (Count each time legs close)
Rinse and Repeat 5 Rounds total

Mozy to Yield sign

Mozy to Lamp Post
10 Dead Stop Merkins

Mozy Crawl to Lamp Post
10 Spiderman Planks (Count Left Leg Only)

Rinse & Repeat back to Flag

Tabata AMRAP 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest in between
1. Broad Jump fast feet
2. Apollo Ohnos
3. Calf Raises

COT / Moleskin:

Thank you to all of you for pushing me, for spending time to create workouts and implementing them, for leading men in the community to be better and stronger, for giving us to chance to step up and lead one another. Before F3 I couldn’t do Bring Sally Down, now I can!  #f3counts

It has been a privilege to lead you men this morning.

~Jiffy Pop over and out


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