# of PAX: 16

PAX: Hooch, The Hoff, Sir_Mix_A_Lot, Sooner, Hoosier Daddy, Moab, Punky, Tombstone, Flamer, Cookie, Curb Appeal (FNG), Cookout, Watchdog, Catamount, Foxtrot | Epo for EC run

QIC: Foxtrot


20 SSH, IC

15 Cotton Pickers, IC

Constellation Stretch | Ode to Gord Downie

Mosey to Park Entrance

Full fascia stretch explained, with clown comments.

Mosey to beautifully manicured playing field grass.

Partner Up | Complete 60 burpees as a team.  Partner 1 does burpees, partner 2 does high plank.  Alternate OYO until 60 burpees are completed, in total.

Mosey back to park entrance.

The Thang:

4 laps with stops at the Concession Stand, Gazebo, Parking Lot, Park Entrance.

@ Park Entrance, complete 10 step ups w/ reach overhead, OYO. Run.

@ Concession Stand, complete 10 squats, OYO. Run.

@ Gazebo, complete 10 lunges, OYO. Run.

@ Parking Lot, plank for 30 seconds.

All PAX completed 4 laps; some completed 5.


20 shoulder taps in curb/plank position.

41 Flutter Kicks, IC.

31 Freddy Mercurys, IC.

21 LBCs, IC.

11 American Hammers, IC.

Calf stretch on curb.

Reinforcement | Full fascia stretch, w/ more clown comments.


On August 20, 2016, The Tragically Hip performed for the last time at the K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Ontario.  Gord Downie, the Hip’s front man and songwriter, died a year later from brain cancer.  He was a wonderful lyricist writing the song, Bobcaygeon, which contains the line, “It was in Bobcaygeon where I saw the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time.”

As we began this morning’s workout, we took in the constellations and later watched the sun reveal the outline of the full moon in the Eastern sky.  It was beautiful.

Great workout this morning by a robust and commenting bunch of clowns.  The vibe matched the date on the calendar – the start of a new year, full attendance, and enthusiasm to match the start of a transition to September.

Welcome FNG, Curb Appeal, who is skilled at following instructions grabbing the curb without hesitation.  He’s a structural engineer by trade and will fit right in even if he’s too young to karaoke to Grand Illusion, per Moab.  Hats off to Tombstone for making him feel at home and styxing with him as the “6.”

Strong work by all.  Great to see The Hoff mingle with Sir_Mix.

Thanks to Sooner for heading south – even with a bum arm – he gets his money’s worth.

Great to see some Pax for the first time as we’ve been out of the humidity for a few weeks.

Crepes & More pitching in to help the pull-up bar effort at SE.  Grab some fantastic breakfast there tomorrow and they will add to the pot.

T-Shirt – check out Slack for info or DM Epo – he’ll tell you what you need to do.

Prayers for Olivia who found her F3 and stole her father’s Army boots.

Prayers for those around us and in our minds – we all have a list.

Prayers for all who wear a uniform.

Strong work by all.  Thanks for coming out!  Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.


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