Sled Dogs for the win


AO: Cool Runnings @ Hugh MacRae Park

Q: dimebag (VQ)

PAX: (6) Hoveround, Beauty, 8-Penny, Flounder, Flipper, & YHC

Warm Up
In Cadence…
20x 4-ct Side Straddle Hops
15x 4-ct High Knees
Warm up mosey
10x 4-ct Merkins

Another Mosey

The Thang Part 1 (Work Capacity effort involving sprints)
2 Rounds
3 minute (hard effort) of 25m shuttle sprints
1 minute rest
(Protocol: starting in a prone position, PAX jump up in somewhat of a burpee fashion and sprint to the 25m mark, quickly returning to the prone position to turn and sprint back; PAX option to wear a 20# weight vest or ruck, or run it slick)
All PAX were able to complete 16 to 18 reps, or 25m lengths, during each 3 minute round…strong work!

The Thang Part 2
Rotating tire sled pull around the loop and back (the sled traveled at least .8 of a mile)
Protocol: 2 PAX pull the “sled” in sled dog fashion, right beside each other; the rest of the PAX sprint or run ahead of the sled at a faster threshold pace to the second speed bump before turning and running back to pick up the sled; the next 2 PAX jump in the harness and take over the sled; we kept moving the sled until all PAX had 3 or 4 opportunities to shine

The Thang Part 3
Ended with an approximately 1 mile run

Beauty proved once again that he really is a beast, and ran the entire thang in a 20# vest. Hoveround never once broke his long stride, even pulling the sled. 8-penny doesn’t even slow down while pulling the sled. Some other workout group (that was not nearly motivated as the PAX) were enthralled at how Flounder and Flipper pulled the sled with such speed and grace, and still managed to run faster than them while dragging a heavy tire.

-Flipper is starting up soccer season again, pray that she stays injury free and maintains that strong work!
-Pray that Beauty’s dad during a continued recovery from oral surgery
-Beauty and family for safe travels out of town and a safe return
-dimebag’s wife experiencing some pregnancy complications, and doctors have now transitioned to a scheduled C-section
-Praise: dimebag and his wife celebrate 10 years of marriage on this day!

Thank you PAX for coming out and making this a great and rewarding experience. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and for making it fun! I look forward to continue getting to know you better.

I finally figured out this whole Backblast platform, and since it’s officially Thursday, that should make it acceptable for a throwback…I come from a line of work where if there wasn’t a report completed, it didn’t happen. So I’m making up for it. Since it’s late (and the second one will be late too), I owe a 100 burpee penalty at my next appropriate Q, and I won’t have to do them alone…


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