It’s a Leg Blaster kind of day


AO: Ballast Beatdown in the Downtown ILM

Q: dimebag

PAX: (4) Gravity, Crockett, Hush Money, & YHC

Warm Up
In cadence…
20x 4-ct Side Straddle Hops
10x 4-ct Arm Circles, both directions
Warm up mosey to the end of the parking lot and back
10x 4-ct Cotton Pickers

The Thang Part 1
7 Rounds (completed in unison)
Mini Leg Blaster (10x air squats; 5x lunges in place, each leg; 5x jumping lunges, each leg; 5x jump squats)
Rest 30 seconds

The Thang Part 2
(16 and a half minutes of…circuit “fun”)
Decline Merkins
Renegade Manmakers with 25# dumbbells
Tire sled drag, 40-45 yards down, 40-45 yards back
PAX choice of 60# sandbag getups or bodyweight getups
(Protocol: Rotate once tire drag PAX returns with the sled; I think we ended up averaging 10 to 20 decline merkins, 3 to 5 Renegade Manmakers, and 6 to 7 sandbag getups each round)

At some point during this beatdown, Crockett shouted out during a rotation “this is free!” Motivation to keep pushing!

Finished up with some instep stretch, hip flexor stretch, Lat/Pec stretch

-Gravity’s dad continues to recover from a broken hip
-Hush Money is traveling to the greater San Diego area for work, safe travels and a great time
-Crockett had a great time at Dad’s Camp, and had some great stories to share! (I don’t want to miss the next one)

Gentlemen, it was an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to lead, and to get to know you better. Thank you for the strong work and fun times!


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