Grumpy Old Coaches ( Happy Senior Citizen’s Day )

    If you don’t get anything else from this morning, remember to say something or do something nice for the senior citizens in your life today. We don’t always stay around as long as you think we will. Dino this means you too, especially you!

QIC: Wreck it Ralph and BG.


Warm-up: Wreck it Ralph couldn’t remember the 1st exercise, so BG started with senior citizen windmills giving everybody time to reach their toes. Ralph’s memory jogged, he started cross country skis, but BG had to blow the whistle on Tom Sawyer who ignoring “there’s no I in team” wanted to “do it his way”. 5 burpees for all thanks to TS. Senior squats by BG didn’t get far as Ralph had to whistle Niles for poor form, 5 burpees for everyone. In a really frustrating turn of events Ralph’s own BTB had to be whistled during his dad’s hillbillies, 5 burpees. We know you did your best Ralph.

The Thang: Splitting up into two groups, I took one to the pull-up bars, while Ralph took the other to the baseball field. As we mosey , one tweet a merkin, two tweets a burpee. I’m not sure what Ralph did, but when we switched teams his PAX were very out of breath. Sounds aerobic, I went for anaerobic, just because. In keeping with Senior Citizen’s day, I gave the PAX plenty of time to do the exercises correctly.We did Senior Citizen’s dips, pull-ups, knees to chest, incline and decline merkins. Of course some of the PAX needed to be called out, resulting in numerous 5 burpee penalties, especially when the 1st group didn’t laugh at my joke. I’ve forgotten who I called out, but I’m guessing Tom Sawyer, Gravity, Pet Shop Boy and Mayhem, but maybe not. BTB called us back to the flag pausing for 10 decline merkins IC. Mary was a no-show.

Counterama, namerama, unable to do video on their flip phones Gravity stepped in to video the PAX. See that for the full list of the PAX. 1 FNG  Adam the pastor at Wesley Memorial (the pumpkin church) still has no idea what a “real” F3 workout is, but he was a good sport and received the name Ichabod.

COT: Numerous prayer requests, especially for a young lady, Jessica who attempted to take her life recently, prompting a great reply from Tom Sawyer to remember to reach out to children outside of our own also.

An honor and a privilege: Wreck it Ralph and BG




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