15 Long Yers!


AO: Stingray


18 PAX: Sooner, Milkman, 10 Count, Magneto (Respect!), Toby, Wapner, Hush Puppy, SpinDoctor, EOM, Waterboy, Geiger, Thumbs, Not Yet, Sparky (Respect!), Polesaw, Dino, Ronaldo, YHC

Warmup: Baby Shark IC x15, flapjack; Daisy Picker IC x25; Imperial Walker IC x25

Form two lines and Mosey around soccer fields to far coupon pile, 10 burpees OYO

Thang 1: with coupon, 15 curls each arm, 15 overhead press, then 30 LBCs. Repeat x3 rounds. YHC got to see some cool distant lightning over the PAX heads like they were about to explode with electricity!

Continue two line Mosey to The Bridge (bleachers), 10 burpees OYO

Thang 2: 15 dips, 15 box jumps [T-claps to Wapner (and any PAX I missed) for hitting the high side of the bleachers], 30 Freddie Mercury’s single count. Repeat x3 rounds

Continue Mosey long way around pond to skateboard parking lot

11’s: one derkin with feet on the curb, run halfway across parking lot, ten good mornin’s… you know how it goes

Continue Mosey long way back to the flag to complete one mile circuit

Time for some Mary: T-claps to Sooner, EOM, SpinDoctor, Sparky, for your assistance to the Q

COT: Praise to my wonderful M for putting up with my shenanigans for 15 years, heres to many more years/decades to come. Let’s all pray for 10 Counts 2.0, Grayson, for a successful driving test today, I’m sure you taught her well 10 Count. Prayers for EOM’s grandfather after his fall yesterday, we are glad to hear that he was in good spirits. Congratulations go to SpinDoctor for aceing his groundwork with the new career, it was very good to have you back with us Brother.

Always a pleasure to lead the Men of Stingray, you guys push me to be better in every aspect of my life. YHC is heading back behind the counter, later!


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