Johnnie Have Mercy

20 August 2019

AO: Turbo Tuesday

QIC: WaterBoy

PAX (7): BTB, Flounder, Flipper, Trump, Pledge, Pony Express, WaterBoy (QIC)


SSH x30 (IC)

Log Jumps (approx. 30 sec)

Drunken Mountain Climbers x20 (IC)

The Thang:

Turtle Run down to Johnnie Mercer Pier, last PAX does 3 burpees, sprint to front. Line moved at approx. 8 min. /mi pace

Partner accountability sprints (AMRAP 10 min): One partner did suicide drills from parking lot curb, halfway to traffic light, and then all the way to the light, while the other partner held 6 inches. Each time that partner had to rest, the punishment was 3x burpees.

12x burpees OYO

Indian run back to Wings (approx. 8 min. /mi pace).

Swim drill (AMRAP 10 min): PAX swam from far left dock to far right dock (skip one), executed 5x merkins and 5x V-ups every lap swam.

COT: Prayers for strength to get through the week and first responders.

Strong work to all PAX who showed up for this impromp-Q. Two PAX covered around 6 miles (YHC and BTB) while all others around 3 miles of high-speed HIIT.


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