Lucky 7

7 Pax didn’t let some silly lightning and rain keep them in the fartsack.

Pax: Check vid


A couple of the usual warm up exercises with some burpees mixed in. Off to the bleachers for a round of partner wheelbarrows. Run to tennis courts. Shuttle sprints with exercises at the far end (5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 LBCs). 3 rounds with doubling of each exercise each time. Various forms of running to the skate park lot. Partner 1 runs the parking lot loop while Partner 2 does called exercises (freddie murcury, sumo squat, bobby hurley, WWII sit up). Switch until everyone runs 3 times. Follow the leader run through skate park and up and down the grassy knoll. Meet back at the flag.


-A slim, but outstanding crew this morning.

-Ronaldo getting more Q practice with the Mary. Well done.

-Geiger gave a nice lesson on the chair squat.

-Sparky cheated as usual

-10-Count’s speed is nothing to sneeze at

-EOM was scared of the weather, but we got him through it

-OTC grew another 6 inches

Always a pleasure and privilege to lead,



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