Fitness Test Round 1

Date: 8/12/2019
AO: Monster Factory
QIC: BabyBack
# of PAX: 14
PAX: Sparky (Respect), Hushpuppy, Pledge, Toby, Geiger, Barnacle, Snoopy, OTC, 10-Count, Thumbs, Sooner, EOM, Yogi (Carpex, Raleigh, JoCo), BabyBack
Morroccan Night Club X 50 IC
Sobriety Style
Cottonpickers X 15 IC
The Thang:
Indian Run to coupon pile on other side of the soccer field.
Partner up for Coupon Dora.
Partner 1 runs to opposite sideline and back.
Partner 2 performs:
Lion Kings X 50
Curls X 100 each arm
American Hammers X 150 2ct.
Mosey to pull-up bars for the fitness test.
Stay with partners. One partner performs exercise while the other counts and holds feet for situps. Flapjack.
Merkins – AMRAP for 1 minute.
Situps – AMRAP for 1 minute.
1 mile timed run.
Heels to Heaven for the Six.
Back to flag:
One minute Burpee challenge.
YHC has the Q again in 5 weeks and we will repeat the fitness test so that PAX can see their progress in these areas. Remember, it’s you against you! 1 mile run times were skewed since there was at least a mile of running before the test, especially for the guys who posted for the EC three miles. YHC encouraged the guys that all of us would have run faster if we had done the mile test after only warming up.
YHC’s results were:
43 Merkins
45 Sit-ups
8:35 mile
18 Burpees
PAX, feel free to record yours in the comments so you can compare them to your results in five weeks.
Our Burpee average (excluding Sooner who has a shoulder injury) was 16.6 Burpees! Not bad! YHC challenged the other AOs to the challenge, but as of yet, none have posted results so one can only assume they weren’t up for the challenge!
It was great to have Yogi from Carpex with us. Before the Burpee challenge, Yogi showed us all the proper from and challenged us to not be like the Carpex guys who omit the merkin. Shots fired!
Freed to lead – get you a copy and read it! If you need a copy, post in the Freed to Lead channel on Slack and someone will pass off a copy to you. If you have a copy and have read it, pass it on to someone who hasn’t.
Ansleighs flag order soon.
Ghost flag is at Thursday Thunder.
Perspectives Class begins tonight at 6pm at The Bridge Church. 1st night is free so show up if you’re interested!
It was a privilege and an honor!
BabyBack OUT!!


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