Baker’s Dozen

13 Pax lit up the streets, sand, and water at this week’s edition of The Workshop

Pax: Check Vid


Some warmup exercises. Off to Johnny Mercer’s Pier (the long way), stopping every 3 minutes for 5 burpees, 10 merkins and 20 LBCs. The Pax lined up along the water line for the unveiling of the Burpee Weave Indian Bear Crawl. Description: The Pax bear crawl down the beach while the runner does 5 burpees, then weaves thru the Pax to the front of the line. Continue until everyone has a turn. Run to the closest blue garbage barrel. 2 lines. Race to the next barrel. Several variations of this until we reach Tower 8. Shoes off. Head into water for 20 freestyle strokes out and back. Lock arms for some slutters (surf flutters). Rinse off and run back to the flag.


-We learned that Waterboy is aspiring to be the next Mr Universe. Good luck and don’t forget leg day.

-Zuck has a solo EC run this morning. Sorry to leave you hanging brother.

-Lots of groans for the Burpee Weave Indian Bear Crawl, but you will thank me later

-I counted 376 surf boards on Beauty’s truck. I want to play Jenga with that guy

-Overbite and Hush Money killing it softly out there

-Kotter is down to .0000000001% body fat. I saw his heart pumping this morning.

-I continue to be surprised at how long it takes a grown man to put his shoes back on

-Great effort by all.

Prayers for Overbite’s father, Gravity’s FIL, and Waterboy’s reflux

Always a privilege,



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