Bowsprit – Kiwanis Park

“And I don’t know where we are going, but we’re here on this ride, and we’ll stand side by side, all along the way” BR

AO: Bowsprit Kiwanis Park

Date: 8/10/2019

QIC: Misfit

PAX: Huggiebear, Dismount, Banshee, Narcan, Tomator, Blade, Stretch, White Buffalo

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops x20

Bat Wings small side, big side, small front big front x20

Potato Pickers x 20

Ballerina toe Squats X 10 (for the ones feeling a bit delicate)

Lunges to the 50 yd line & High Knees back

Thang 1:

Mosey to park Benches then partner up

Colonel Trautman – Partner 1 does 5 Derkins on bench while Part 2 does 3 pull ups. Done for 7 mins

Belching – Indian run back to the football field – inline run 6 calls out an exercise on way to the front, when six gets 1st position, exercise 10 seconds, jump up do it again…till all PAX have completed an exercise

Return to Flag

Thang 2:

Circle up, hold Al Gore while each PAX takes turn with 360 Bear Crawl around the huddle till every PAX gets a turn, round and round we go! Then… Hold plank position while each PAX gets to circumnavigate the huddle performing their best attempt at Alligator Merkins.

He comes the football families!!

As families roll into the parking lot all PAX circle up around some Baba O’riley “out here in the fields…”

While performing imperial walkers for the spectators for the duration of the song.

Announcements – Going to continue to work toward getting 2 more workout during the week going, looking like Tuesday and Thursday, stay tuned…

Thank Banshee for taking us out brother – Prayers for Misfits friends continuing to recover from surgery, and prayers for Stretch’s friend who has recently experienced a detached retina, may they continue their recoveries without incident


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