Broga sans Niles

DATE: 8/7/2019

AO: Hugh MacRae Park

QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 23

PAX: Beauty, P-Doc, Goat, Putty, Dime Bag, Floppy Disc, Jiffy Pop, GenX, Big Sky, Pixel Pusher, Last, Tea Time, Tom Sawyer, Sir Mix-a-lot, Gravity, Mr. T, Wreck-It Ralph, LETC, Busted Grille, Slim Shady(Carpex), Puffer, Overbite

23 PAX beat the fartsack for a Hump Day HITT beatdown. One PAX conspicuously absent was Niles after promising 2 PAX he would be there. Must have been a tough 9 holes of golf on Tuesday.


Seal Clap IC X 40
Imperial Walker IC X 25
Moroccan Night Club IC X 40


Let’s make our way to the tennis courts along Route 66. Run to each light pole and stop for Merkins in ascending ladder starting at 1 Merkin at first light pole and increasing by 1 each time after the 11th light pole(total of 66 merkins) finish at tennis courts.

Interval circuit
Start with a tabata- 20 secondswork/10 seconds rest
4 exercises for 5 rounds 30 seconds rest between rounds
Squat jumps
Mountain Climber

3 exercises 30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest, complete 3 rounds
Groiner/Mahktar N’Diaye
L Pulse
Balls to the wall

Timed Ladder for 6 minuets 10/8/6/4/2 reps
Glute bridge
Heels to heaven

A little broga to cool down

Welcome back to the OG Sir Mix! Always great to see you
Welcome to Slim Shady visiting from Carpex
Thanks for the opportunity to lead

Tiny Dancer out


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