Advisory Meeting August 7

Location: Slainte Irish Pub in Monkey Junction

Meeting called to order and presided by Tom Sawyer. (Gravity helped.)

Meeting Notes
  • In a couple of weeks, Hugh McCrae Park, Ogden Park, and Veterans Park will open their bathrooms during workouts everyday expect Tuesdays. If you plan to have a Tuesday AO at one of these locations, please notify Gravity.
  • We will partner with an Eagle Scout candidate for his project to build pull-up and parallel bars at Veterans Park. He is asking for funds, $500. A presentation on the project is forthcoming (Jimbo’s after workout).
  • A possible run day on Wednesdays in the downtown area was proposed. Please message Water Boy if interested.
  • Another AO was proposed for Arrowhead Park, next to Mary Williams Elementary. Please message Crosswalk if interested.
  • The Your Story Here channel was taken over by the Hoff. We need to take it back. Please submit story ideas to post.
  • A major F2 event is coming up in September at Wreck-It Ralph’s house. Time and details TBA.
  • A set of Freed to Lead is coming soon. If you already have a copy of the book, please message Tom Sawyer or your site Q about the book.
  • There is a Q school next Wednesday at Hugh MCCrae Park for those about to lead a workout for the first time.
  • Please write backblasts and post name-o-rama videos.
  • Crosswalk proposed a Poker Run challenge. A list of details and rules are coming.  
  • Please mark your calendars for a September 11 convergence. Location TBA.
  • We would like to express solidarity for an F3 brother, Waffle House of F3 Omaha, who was seriously injured during an accident. There is a Go-Fund-Me page for him, but we would like to give in a more personal manner. Please message Busted Grill for ideas on how to collect funds.

Meeting closed by EPO.

Next meeting: September 16 in the Ogden area (location and time TBA)


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