What Makes a Good Man

Date: 8/5/19

AO: Heavy Metal Monday (HMP/OGAO)

QIC: Jiffy Pop

# of Pax: 19

Pax: Teatime, Floppy Disc, SOL, Overbite, Puffer, Thin Mint, Gen X, Kramer, Atari, Niles, Magnito, Morpheus, Mr. T, Undertaker, Wapner, Mayhem, Seahorse, Big Sky, Jiffy Pop

Toy Soldiers x 20 IC,
Cotton Pickers x 20
Baby Arm Circles x 10 Forward 10 Backward
Big Arm Circles X 10 Forward 10 Backward

The Thang: Mosey to lower parking lot with kettlebells.  Performed excercises in parking spots.  The last station was our timer.  He jogged to the swing set and did 20 Swerkins.  Exercises were:  ‘Mericans, WWIIs (“Big Boy Situp), Dips, Curls, Tricep Extensions, Step Ups (on wall), Dead Lifts, Lateral Lunge, Lawn Mowers, Halo with a Twist, Squat Press, Side Bend, Kettle Swings, One Arm Clean & Press

COT/Moleskin: Thanks for joining me this morning men!  It’s always a pleasure to lead.  I hope you got a good sweat on with me this morning!

Congrats to @Teatime on your marriage and @bustedgrill for turning 73 and showing a lot of us young’ns up.

Prayers for @Mr. T’s brother in law.

I hope you all have a blessed week!

~Jiffy Pop




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