Shhhh…… Quietly Pass The Tartar Sauce

Date: 8-5-19

AO: Monster Factory (OP)

VQ: HushPuppy

# Of PAX: 12

PAX: Tom Sawyer, Offering Plate, Sparky, Geiger, Beauty, LETC, EOM, Snoopy, BabyBack, Pledge, 10 Count, Hushpuppy

Warmorama: Cotton Pickers x20, Goof Balls x30, Moroccan NightClub x30

Thang 1: mosey around the trail to coupons near soccer fields. ARMRAP upper body beatdown for 10 minuets performing the following exercises: Shoulder Taps x10 each arm, Merkins x10, Coupon Bicep Curls x10 each arm, Carolina Dry Docks x10, Coupon Tricep extension x10 each arm, Bear Crawl 40 yards to soccer goal and run back.

Thang 2: mosey to skate park parking lot. Four Corners Ab Beatdown. Run to each corner and perform x20 of 1 exercise out of the 4. Go around x3. Exercises at each corner: 1) American Hammers double count, Heels to Heaven, flutter kicks double count, WW1 Sit ups. Hold Plank till finish, and 2 merkins whenever the next PAX finishes.

Grand Finale: mosey back to AO. Form 2 lines for team relay race. bear Crawl to first parking lot median, sprint to 2 median, turn and sprint back. While PAX is relaying, teammates completing starfish crunches (The Geiger Special) until their turn or race end. Mary ab work while Hushpuppy ran to get his forgotten phone at Thang 2.

Prayers for Hushpuppy’s wife for her job search, Continued prayers for our Nation with recent shootings, continue to bring FNGs, reminder about Q School.

Thanks to all for the support and encouragement for my VQ. You guys make the workouts suck way less. Cheers to a blessed week ahead and more workouts together!



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