Little Big Town

Date: 8-2-19


AO- F3Boondocks

Pax:  8penny, Atari, Beauty, BtB, Happy, Joco, Pledge, The Adjuster, Sooner, Wapner,  and Zuckerberg.

12 pax found the boondocks while the world was sleeping Friday morning. They were all looking for a beatdown and a soaking before 5 card poker on Saturday night. They found both. 


40 seal claps IC

20 imperial walkers IC

Then we dashed to the beach as 8penny pulled into the parking lot for a little fun. 

Tha Thang-

At the beach we had a modified Catch me if You Can. BtB starts with 5 burpees. All other pax rake off running to CYC. When BtB catches front runner, they do 5 burpees, BtB runs backwards. From then on, whoever is in front stops to do 5 burpees, then tries to catch Front again. Not sure how it worked bc yhc was near the 6. 

At CYC, we partnered up for Dora. Everyone starts at shoreline. 

100 dead stop burpees

200 sumo squats

300 LBCs 

Partners alternate sprinting to dune line and back. 

We then entertain ourselves with a turtle run to Johnny Mercer’s pier. A variation of an Indian Run, but pax can jump out of line to do EC.  EC varied from burpees, sprints, merkins, lunges, etc. A pax typically challenges a fellow pax to do the EC routine with them. 

At pier we do 3 rounds of

Upright Mtn climbers, dips, and decline merkins using the lifeguard stand. 

Turtle run back to the docks. 

At docks we attempt to do 11s in the water. 

On one dock it’s carolina dry docks.

Swim to other for squats. 

Alas time ran out as we only had an hour. 

CoT- Prayers for Beauty’s dad as he has oral surgery coming up. For Stik and M as the baby is due Today. For BtB’s 2.0 Tate as docs try to figure things out on his spells. For Armorall, his new job and all of his transitions.  For Sooner and Zuck as they develop the gift that the Holy Spirit has given them. May they continue to stay humble, on fire, and continue to give it away. 

Moleskin-cool to see Beaury roll in with his 432 surf boards on the back of his truck. Are you sure that is legal. We do have proof that BtB is not human. His bionic leg has developed a squeak in the ankle. Have y’all heard that thing?  Really bummed the beatdown did not earn a Joco scream. Maybe he didn’t have enough oxygen?  8penny, in anticipation of your 0501 arrival the warmarama was planned for you to catch us. Thanks for being a good sport. Atari was sporting his 15 yr old Accelerated shirt. THAT is awesome. Sooner was claiming a hurt neck from trying to be cool surfing and slinging his Fabio hair out of his face. We all know it was from Happy giving him the karate chop for not picking him up on time.  Sooner, you are why The Adjuster is here. Available for neck adjustments, and whatever else ails you. It was an honor to have Wapner present, although with us ignoring all of the no trespassing signs, no diving signs, etc he may have just posted to keep us free. Thank you brother. 

2nd F Gulfstream was a great bonus. 

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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