Fords Theatre

DATE:  Tuesday, July 30, 2019

AO:  Ballast Beatdown

#PAX:  11

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  Gravity, Beauty, Tiny Dancer, Cookie, Kicks, Doubtfire, Teacher’s Pet, Dixie Chick, Flamer, Hoosier Daddy

WARM-UP:  SSH x 20; LBAC x 20; Tappy-taps x 20

THE THANG:  Indian run with 15 lbs KB (pass down line, six runs with KB to front) to City Hall steps.  Of which famous theatre is Thalian Hall a replica?  Homage to Lincoln and City Hall.  Copperhead inclined merkins (x 10), bear crawl to top; Bobby Hurleys (x 10); crawl bear down; copperhead derkins (x 10).  Rinse and repeat.

Indian run with KB to parking deck north of AO.  Pyramid run up ramps to top of deck with 3 burpees at start end and 5 squats at other end; add 3 burpees each level (3, 6, 9, 12, 15) and 5 squats each level (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) and subtract on way back down deck.

Run up stairs to top of deck for mary led by individual PAX.

Mosey back to AO for COT.

COT/MOLESKINZ:  Flamer for signing 50 in 10 board!

Gravity for text at 10 pm night before to let me know I had the Q.

For all dealing with illness and dislocation.

Doubtfire challenged each Pax to be accountable and DM one Pax who has not posted recently.  Doubtfire posted again after 6 mos off after Florence, when he was DM’d.

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out




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