Much Respects

Date: 8-01-19

AO: Break Point

QIC: Hush Money

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Busted Grill, Niles, Tinydancer, LETC, Morpheus, Floppy Disk, Seahorse, JoCo, Hush Money

Warmorama: 20 SSH IC, 30 Little Baby Arm Circles IC (15 each direction), 20 Box cutters IC, 10 Daniel sons IC (5 each leg)

The Thang: Escalating 4 Corners – 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 LBCs, 30 Bobby Hurleys, 40 Flutter Kicks. Mosey to the grass beside playground for 3 Partner DORA (individual count). In full disclosure, I stole this DORA from Crosswalk when he was Q yesterday at Battleground. Therefore, I named this one “Crosswalk’s DORA”. 25 Over/Unders–P1 plank, P2 crawls under & jumps over; P3 runs to the shelter and back, then switches. 100 Shoulder shrugs–P1 plank, P2 holds the ankles of P1 and shoulder shrugs; P3 runs to the shelter and back, then switches. 150 “Hail Marys”–P1 plank, P2 dips with feet on P1; P3 runs to the shelter and back, then switches. Each PAX cycles through every part of the exercise. We ran out of time, but were able complete most of the Hail Marys. Mosey to AO. 25 American Hammers IC.

COT/Moleskin: Prayer requests–BG asked for prayers for continued healing /recovery of a lady named Cindy. Niles’ asked for the comfort and encouragement of his brother and family. Unfortunately, the brain cancer has returned. Seahorse’s 2.0 is getting braces today. It was an honor for me to have so many Respects at Break Point. It was Tinydancer’s first time out to Break Point–welcome! Thanks to all PAX who showed up. You push me to keep getting better.


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