Improv Trail of Tears

DATE: 7/31/2019


QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 21

PAX: Big Sky, Mr. T, Overbite, Mayhem, Jiffy POP, Gravity, Beauty, Puffer, Hoveround, GenX, Pet Shop Boy, Square Root, Dino, Ronaldo, Brady, Baby Daddy, Snickers, Goat, PK, Newton, Tiny Dancer

On an unseasonably mild morning on the last day of July YHC rolled into the OGAO at 5:28(in a new ride btw) and saw a group of eager PAX circled up and ready for their hump day beat down. Something wasn’t right however and I quickly realized there was no Q! The Q that was scheduled on the calendar(who shall remain nameless) was nowhere to be seen. My first thought was that we could run to his house and start the workout on his front lawn but then realized he may be out of town with his new job and didn’t think it would be a good idea to wake up his M and the rest of the neighborhood. Like any good site Q would do I jumped in and took the Q. Feeling a little pressure not to let the PAX down(even Dino and Ronaldo he’d made the trip down south) I thought “Trail of Tears! that workout sucks!”…and so we began.


Hillbilly IC X 25
Merkin IC X 15
Mountain Climber IC X 15
Carolina Dry Dock IC X 15


Indian Run around the Freedom Way loop. Back PAX does 5 monkey bumpers before running to the front.

Trail of Tears
At the intersection grab some fence for Derkins X 30
Mosey to speed bump
Bear crawl to next speed bump
Find a tree and balls to the wall for 30 seconds
WW II sit-ups X 40
Bear crawl back to first speed bump
Partner carry back to speed bump
Flapjack and return
Back to the fence for Derkins X 25
Back to speed bump
Broad jump burpee to next speed bump
30 WW II sit ups
Sprint to each light pole do 10 Merkins( 3 light poles to next speed bump)
Repeat light pole Merkins
Crabwalk to speed bump
Sprint back one speed bump and mosey back to AO


Q school at HMP 8/14
Sign up for August Q’s on Q calendar
Grab a copy of Freed to Lead, if you haven’t read it yet you need to, more copies on the way
Strong work by all today, hope the Q on the fly did not disappoint
Thanks for trekking south today Dino and Ronaldo, seems like old times at the OGAO. Reminds me I need to pay a visit to Stingray soon.
Beauty had a battle scare from bear crawls(just a flesh wound)
Thank you for allowing me to jump in and lead today

Tiny Dancer out


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