BG Loop

Date: 7/30/19
AO: Run Forest Ruck UNCW
QIC: Pony Express
# of PAX: 4
PAX:  Heisenberg, Hoveround, Crockett, Pony Express

Warmorama: SSH IC x 20, Cotton Pickers IC x 15, Mountain Climbers IC x 10

The Thang:  The BG Loop. Start at the parking lot and run to the track. Take the trail by the track towards the back of UNCW. When you get to the road turn left headed back to the parking lot. When the PAX finish a lap do 10 Mike Tysons OYO. When we finished the run it was about 4.2 miles and 40 Mike Tysons total. We finish with 5 minutes of MARY. I started with flutter kicks, Crockett chose american hammers, Heisenberg did hello dollies, and Hoveround led with Freddie Mercurys.

Strong work by all.

COT/Moleskin: Prayers for the families dealing with the shooting in California.

It was an honor and a privilege to lead.

Pony Express out!



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