Kiwanis Park – Come En’ Get It

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

Steve Martin

AO: Come En’ Get It  – Kiwanis Park

Date: 7/31/2019

QIC: Misfit

PAX: Dismount

Warm Up: Side straddle hop x 15 (IC), Potato Pickers x 5 (IC), Lunges x 20 (OYO), High Knees x 20 (OYO)

Thang 1: Football field suicides 25 yard line – 10 Burbees, 50 yard line – 20 Merkens, 75 yard line – 30 LBC, 100 yard line – 40 side straddle hops. Repeat in opposite direction.

Mosey from football field to the pull up bars at the lower baseball diamong

Thang 2: 1 was holding plank for 10 seconds while 2 was completing as many pull ups as possible, swap out after 10 second plank, get to 100 pull ups combined

Mosey over to the volleyball court

Thang 3: four corners…Bear crawl to corner 1 complete 20 Merkens, Bear crawl to corner 2 complete 30 LBC’s, Bear crawl to corner 3 complete 40 side straddle hops, Bear crawl back home

Mosey to parking lot cool down: Potato Pickers x 15 (IC), Lunges for 50 yards OYO

COT: Prayers for our armed service men and women, and our public servants. Hopes that we see some more PAX on Tuesdays at 6:30 at Kiwanis


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