Seven minutes in heaven

Date: 22 July 2019

AO: #f3ScreamingEagle

QIC: Donut

Pax: Rx, Crocket, Cookie, Watchdog, Penny Lane, Rhombus, Lightning

Man.  It was humid.  I mean really humid and hot for a 5:30am start.  Yet the pax that showed, knew it wouldn’t be easy, but chose to do it anyway.  It was the right decision.


SSH x17, Moroccan Night Club x17, Hillbillies x17, 10 burpies OYO

Mosey to the picnic tables….

The Thang:

This will be kinda sorta like a tabata, instead of doing 1 exercise for a set amount of time and switching, we will be doing 11 reps of 3 exercises for 7 minutes without stopping.  Just do as many sets as you can. Take a 1 min break, then repeat for 3 min.  Recovery mosey for 50 yards and return for new exercises.

Set 1:

Copperhead Squats, Derkins, Dips

Set 2:

Monkey Humpers (this sucked), Crunchy Frog, Smurf Jacks (You are welcome Rx)

Set 3 (truncated due to time.  We could only do the 7 min set):

Angle Grinders (feet together, ass up like a Carolina Dry Dock, all the way down to complete a merkin, then back up), Imperial Squat Walkers, Incline Merkin.

That’s enough!  Mosey back to the flag.

Moleskin:  Strong work by everyone.  It was uncomfortable, but the pax worked hard anyway and left it all on the picnic talbes.  The best thing about these workouts is that it is you against you.  No one was counting, or watching.  It wasn’t a race.

COT:  Prayers for healthcare providers, teachers, those that protect us and all that seek the truth.

Thank you for letting me lead,



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