07/22/2019 Leland Metal Mania

11 PAX with Spyro Gyra as Q

PUBG, Snickers, Master of Disaster, Brady, Jewel, Baby Daddy, Kix, AED, Bosley, and Rucker

21’s (Side Straddle Hops): Count 1-6 out loud with 7-21 silent, ending in unison.

Imperial Walkers: 21

Daisy Pickers: 20

Around the World: 30 each direction

Alternating Kettlebell Swings: 30 each side

Side Bends: 20 each side

Mosey around the Senior Building to the wall where we enjoyed some Balls to the Wall with a 10 count of shoulder taps per each pax.

Mosey to the field grabbing the coupons along the way.

5 Kettlebell Swings with a release/toss on number 5, then frog jump to the KB. Continue this across the field.

Leave the KB and sprint back to the beginning, perform 5 Burpees, and sprint back to your KB.

Do it again!!! (Just once more)

Partner up. One held (attempted) L-Sits while partner did ten Knees to Elbows. After each person got a taste, changes were made to Hold a Pullup while your partner did ten Halos

Not wanting to neglect our core, we did 50 (not 15) Marionettes counting the left, middle, and right side as one round. As was mentioned, this equates to 150 big boy situps, but who’s counting?

Since we were running short on time, we ended our fun with an introduction to a modified Pinocchio. All pax on our six, line up shoulder to shoulder. Everyone performed flutter kicks while passing a 55lb KB Down the line and back again.


Prayers for Jewels upcoming procedure… so many puns with this.

Check the upcoming Q calendar!!! Why is your name not on it?

Thank you to all the upstanding men that came and tolerated my creative side while I try to nail down this Q thing! It is an honor to be with y’all each week!


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