Screaming Eagle Screaming Shoulders

Date: 7-18-19

QIC: BoneSpur

AO- Screaming Eagle

Pax: Flamer, Donut, Stouffers, TombStone, Hooch, HoosierDaddy, TeachersPet, PonyExpress and YHC.

9 PAX showed up to receive a brutal ladder style beatdown in the humid gloom.


20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers


Tha Thang-

We moseyed to the soccer field.

Starting at the sideline we did a ladder style workout with a run to the opposing sideline goal between each set. The ladder contains the following 7 exercises:

10 inchworm merkins

15 WWII Situps

20 Jump Lunges

25 Carolina Drydocks

30 Flutter Kicks (2count)

35 Sumo Squats

40 Shoulder taps

Covered in sweat and grass, we finished with some Broga

CoT- Prayers for friends and family, first responders and our soldiers who allow us to enjoy our freedom.

Thanks to all the HIM’s who sharpen each other physically, mentally and spiritually



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