HMP Shelter Crawl

Date: 7-19-19

QIC:  BoneSpur


Pax:  SOL, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, ComeBack, OverBite, FloppyD, Puffer, ThinMint, 100%, Beauty, TeaTime, GenX, BustedGrill, PSB, Newton, SquareRoot, GlowStick, McFly, Hoodini, Mr.T, ArmourAll, RiverRat, The Adjuster, DixieChick, BigSky, Gravity, JiffyPop and YHC

28 PAX assembled for a ladder style beatdown. 



15 Tippy Tapps IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

Tha Thang-

We moseyed to the first shelter for 10 Derkins, 2nd shelter add 15 dips, 3rd shelter add 20 Vups, 4th shelter add 25 Sumo Squats, 5th shelter add 10 each Diamond, Standard and Wide merkins. Surprise pop up station at the pull up bars for full ladder plus 35 pull ups. Next we moseyed back to the 5th shelter back down the ladder. We finished up with station 1 with a slow count 10 Derkins and then back to the AO for some Mary led by PAX who haven’t yet Q’d…time to get on the calendar boys!

CoT- Prayers for Gravity’s family, Sunrise, Niles’ brother, FlightNurse’s mom, TeaTime (getting hitched) and all those unspoken prayers.

Thank you for the HIMs who sharpen each other physically, mentally and spiritually.



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