Daddy’s Day Out

AO: Stingray


# of PAX: 9

PAX: EOM, Magneto, Hush Puppy, Shakedown, Geiger, Blade, Narcan, Snail Mail, YHC

Warmorama: SSH in cadence x40, Daisy Picker in cadence x25, Imperial Walker in cadence x25


Circuit one mile around Ogden Park, halt at 5 Points for 5 Burpees OYO plus the following:

Point 2 (coupon pile): 10 merkins, 20 shoulder press with large coupon, 40 LBCs; then Poopy Baby (run with coupon outstretched in front of you) across soccer field. Rinse and repeat x5

Point 3 (bleachers): 10 dips on the bleacher, 10 alternating step ups (strong work Geiger for hitting the seat), 30 single count Freddie Mercurys; AMRAP 10 minutes

Running low on time so last three Points just do the burpees; T-claps for EOM motivating PAX to do 10 burpees at the last Point

Back to the Flag for 2 minutes of flutter kicks

Time called


Prayers for Sunrise and his quadruple bypass surgery. His M says it went well and they are hoping he will step down to the cardiac unit soon

Life Point church 5K tomorrow AM, 8:00 start. Offering Plate’s company has some unused registrations, check Slack if you want to participate. (Sorry Plate, I have to work, otherwise I would be there)

Always a pleasure to lead you Men! Many thanks for allowing me this opportunity. We will all grow stronger together!

OTC is going back behind the counter, Peace


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