Battleship: Port of Plyo


QIC: Jewel (VQ)

Location: Ballast Hotel Downtown ILM

13 Pax: Spyro Gyra, Flight Nurse, Pistol Pete, Bolt, Daggerboard, JoCo, Fatback, Baby Daddy, Bluegrass, Sonic, Snickers, Heisenberg, Tom Sawyer


SSH (ICx30), Imperial Walkers (ICx20), Cotton Exchange Pickers (ICx20) Heismans (ICx10), Arm Circles F/R (ICx25), Inch worms + merkin OYOx5

The Thang: 

Cash-in–Burpee Box Jumps on the Walk of Fame (40 tot., partner WOD)

-Mosey to Nun St. @ the Wharf via River Walk-

3 RFT (Partner WOD)

  • Partner A) Sprint uphill to Front St. + 10 Plyo Merkins & descend
  • Partner B) low plank

(Alternate w/ partner)

-Bounding/Mosey intervals back to AO-

Cash-out: (scrubbed for 1 MOM)

Mary: ABCs OYO; capital letters in 6” to 45º range

COT: Flight Nurse (support offer/encouragement), Tom Sawyer (observation/challenge) prayers-Bluegrass


Strong Work all PAX! Thank you so much for showing up and showing out to give me an awesome VQ experience (and shouts out to those PAX who drove the extra distance from their typical AO to make Battleship). I had a blast with you dudes! What a blessing it is to get to do this kind of thing surrounded by HIGH IMPACT men. 

Jewel 35






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