Another Day In Paradise

The PAX: Tenenbaum, LETC, Overbite, Last, Snap On, JoCo, Tank, Vogue, Starbuckle, Ball Bearing, Hush Money, Seahorse, Houdini, Armorall, Doubtfire, Atari, Tiny Dancer, McFly, Nate Tormer (sp?) FNG Dingo, FNG Island Girl ?, Beauty, Maximus, Mr. T, Heisenberg, Footie, Triple D, Paula Dean, Blue Steel, Big Sky, Dino, Gravity, Dain Bramage.

QIC: Busted Grill

Circle up and disclaimer.

Warm Up: Seal Claps 20 IC, Imperial Walkers 20 IC, Windmills 20 IC. Mosey to Johnny Mercers Pier stopping at the field before the 1st Bridge. Since Dino’s never ever done anything for me , I asked him to lead the exercises waiting for the 6. I don’t know what he did since I was with the 6, probably lots of protractors. Instructions on the beach for figure 8’s in the surf. Stakes were set up on the beach, partner up, half of the pairs go north , half south. The 1st round was wheelbarrows to the 1st stake, switch positions and go to the 2nd stake, out into the surf to swimming depth which turned out to be so far that waist deep was enough. Swim, walk, duck dive to the midpoint then back to the beach to wheelbarrow in the opposite direction repeating the other half of the figure 8 in the surf. Round 2 was crabwalks to 2nd stake and around the figure 8 then a 3rd round of 4 steps and squat, 4 steps and squat etc. to the 2nd stake and around the figure 8. Exercises in between the figure 8’s waiting for the 6. To the showers and back to the same field we stopped at on the way out. I assume Dino led some good exercises as I was again watching the 6. On to the flag for a little Mary. I arrived in time for a few freddie mercuries led by my now CoQ Dino.


COT: SasQuatch later this month in Greenville. Praises from Tenenbaum and Gravity for recovery of father and father in law respectively. Prayers for PAX, country, the sisters, and those who watch over and protect us.

Lesson learned: If you can’t do it let Dino Q it.

Thanks for the opportunity,




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