Take What Nature Gives You

AO:  Break Point (Empie Park)

DATE:  7/11/19

# PAX: 5

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  Doubtfire, Armorall, Hush Money, JOCO

WARM-UP:  Lively start for five brave PAX, with thunder, lightning and down pour.  Mosey out of weather to tennis shop for cotton pickers, imperial walkers, mountain climbers and merkins (x 20)

THE THANG:  Mosey to shelter by tennis courts for balls to wall (hold while each PAX does 10 count) and inclined merkins (x 20)

Mosey to picnic shelter by horseshoe pit for V-ups, inclined merkins, declined merkins, step-ups, dips, crunchy-frog, and kettle bell swings.  Timer is one PAX lunge walks around perimeter of shelter passing kettle bell through legs each step.  Rotate stations when timer returns.

The skies clear!  Blue sky and white clouds visible, storm moving away.  Mosey to Park entrance.  Turn left for indian run on Cross-City Trail to former trolley stop shelter (0.5 mi out).  Stop at each street crossing (0.1 mi intervals) for BLIMPS (burpees (x 5), lunges (x 10 ea), imperial walkers (x 20), merkins (x 20), plank jax (x 20) and squats (x 20)).  Return to shelter, grab kettle bells, indian run passing kettle bells to AO.  Stretching to end.

MOLESKINZ:  Prayers for Armorall, as he seeks vocational and spiritual/youth group leadership direction; for reconciliation among family members; for the ill; for our military and first responders; for courage to say what needs to be said, to listen and for patience.


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