Obrut Yadseut

Date: 07/09/2019
AO: written backwards above
# of Pax: 16
Pax: Blade, JoCo, Trump, Tenenbaum, Tank, Fat Back, Dagger Board, Chop Shop, Bob the Builder, 8 Penny, Pony Express, LETC, Zuckerberg, Toby, Flounder & Gravity.
QIC: Gravity

YHC saw this Q open last week, and having discussed with my 2.0 & Newton the need for them to run more, I thought “hey, perfect, I’ll Q and they’ll get in a good run with me.”

Both fartsacked – but hey, 15 fast pax showed up for TT and I had to deliver on the Q.

Intro, mission, disclaimer, I couldn’t get my watch working so let’s start.

Warm-o-Rama – Indian Run to Johnnie Mercer’s Pier (approx / exactly) one mile from the AO. We run right out on the sand.

There we do:
10 Daisey Pickers x 10 IC
A couple of good Quad Pulls to get stretched out.

The Thang:
Run in the deep sand to the even count accesses, run to Lumina, back 1 block, then back to the deep sand and to the next even access. Should look like this:
Deep sand to 2nd access, run to Lumina back to access 1,
Deep sand to 4th access, run to Lumina back to access 3,
Deep sand to 6th access, run to Lumina back to access 5,
And so on until the 12th access, which is the lifeguard stand at Stone Street. In total, about 3.5 miles to include the warm-up Indian Run.

There, YHC drew a line in the sand about 15 yards to the nearest trash can.

Shuttle Sprints (there, back, there back)
We took a 10 count between each one – I think we did 8 runs.

Everybody get wet and reconvene in the street and get your shoes on. Run back when ready.

COT: Tenenbaum’s father recovering from a heart attack and a stent. Will be going back in for another stent later this week. Also, Tenenbaum thought the recent change to Keto may have slowed his run down. We talked about how important it is to remember how stress and emotions impact your physical ability. Guys use F3 to help shoulder your stress off your shoulders onto God. He has the strength to handle it.
Flounder and Chop Shop have kids out of the house on trips with limited parental supervision. Gravity has a house full of teenagers he’s willing to share if anybody wants one or a few.

Skins: Fastholes got to be fast, and everybody got in good miles.

BOM – prayers for the above and others, as well as military and first responders.
As always, an honor to serve and a pleasure to lead.



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