30th and 50th




QIC: Niles

Pax: Mr T, Big Sky, Undertaker, Tea Time, Floppy D, sea horse, Armor All, Jiffy POP, Gen X , Wapner, Overbite, SOL, Puffer, Hush Money

A balmy morning at the OGAO. 30 years ago today I was getting ready to be married to my bride , Anne in Wayland Massachusetts. 50 years ago the worlds greatest heavy metal band released their first album , Led Zeppelin 1. And today I was Qing heavy metal Monday with the OG. Seems like a good day for a mashup . 30 is the theme, Led Zeppelin is the soundtrack and metal is the medium.

The credo was pronounced. Disclaimers were made. Intentions were disclosed.

Warm up :

Indian run to the Immigrant song . Seemed appropriate.


30 Imp

30 merkins

The thang :

30 minutes of

30 kettle bell swings

30 goblet squats

30 inverted rows ( 15 each side)

30 curls

30 tricep extensions

30 clean and press

2 sprints

15 of the same

More sprints

Broga for the win with truth bombs about relationships sprinkled in from pax both single and married.

Here’s my soundtrack:


Immigrant song

Celebration Day

The Rain Song

Thank you

Communication breakdown

Good times Bad times

All my love


Hey hey what can I do

Going to California


Prayers for Armorall going through a difficult time in ministry and thinking about making some big changes

Puffers son injured in a paddle boarding accident – cut his leg badly. Prayers for recovery

Hello kitty injured surfing this past weekend. Seven stitches on his scalp after being cut also.

Mr. T lifted up those pax struggling with loved ones going through sickness like Gravity .

Wapner reminded us of the CSAUP ( completely stupid and utterly pointless) event happening later this month Sasquatch over at Greenville.

YHC asked for prayers again for Rainmaker who just finished his latest chemotherapy course for his brain cancer.

Moleskin: Here’s some wisdom that I am going to apply to make it to my 40th.


Thanks to all of you for making F3 Cape Fear a great place to do life together. Who’s motivated?

Niles out


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