Sweating out PBR’s and Tequila


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: Rhombus, Flamer, Hoosier Daddy. Tator Tot from F3 Durham,  Hoff, and that guy that keeps coming back even though we keep trying to push him away…..8Penny

Pretty solid turn out considering yesterday was the 4th and everyone is still recovering from too many PBR’s and Margaritas.


  • 30- SSH-4 Count
  • Imperial Walkers
  • 50 – Raise the Roof- 4 Count
  • 50- Moroccan night clubs- 4Count “In honor of Chicken Noodle”
  • 10- Merkins – 4 Count
  • 10- Plank Jacks
  • 10 Mountain Climbers -4 Count

As we just started to wrap up the warm up I looked over to notice 8Penny had a few tears in his eyes….. this is expected due to his lack luster effort during the past couple post but I tried to dismiss the tears and carry on with the work out. That’s when the tears turned onto sobs and uncontrollable crying… so we all took turns holding 8 Penny in our arms telling him “everything was going to be alright.” Hoff decided to hold on to 8 penny for an exceptionally long period of time, but again I tries to dismiss this as just two shirtless men enjoying each other’s company.


The Thang:

Escalating Speed bumps-

So basically every speed bump has an exercise, but you make sure to repeat the exercise you just completed on the previous speed bumps. For example the first bump you preform exercise one, second bump exercise one and 2, Third bump exercise 1,2 and 3 and so on until you have completed all 4 speed bumps.

  • Exercise 1 – Merkins x 20
  • Exercise 2- Plank Jackss x30
  • Exercise 3 – Crunchy Frogs x 40
  • Exercise 4 – Bobby Hurley’s x 50


Mosey to the Pull-up Bars for a little DORA123.

  • Exercise 1- 50 Pull ups
  • Exercise 1 – 100 Merkins
  • Exercise 1 – 150 Squats

While partner one is preforming the exercise partner two runs over to the basketball courts and sings “I’m a little tea pot” while holding the high plank position.  We have some amazing singing voices in F3Capefear.


Mosey back to the flag…. But first…. quick stop by the playground.

I prefer the playground for Mary due to my backside being so boney…. Boney butt brothers unite!!


  • 50 –Flutter Kicks -4 count
  • 25- Russian Twist “To be honest I’m not sure of the count due to Flamer and Hoff running their mouths. It was probably somewhere in the 1000’s. “
  • 25- Hello Dollies- 4 count


Mosey back to the flag right on time.


Moleskin/ COT

Prayers for all men and women in uniform

Prayers for Hoff’s friend and family during this difficult time.

Be with Tator Tot and give him the patience he needs to be successful in his career path.


As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix out!


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