BLIMPS in the Gloomity

Date: 7/3/2019
AO: Stingray
QIC: BabyBack
#PAX: 15
PAX: Bam Bam, Barnacle, Nature Boy (Carpex), Spin Doctor, Flipper (2.0), Flounder, Geiger, Toby, Magnito (Respect), OTC, Hushpuppy, 10-Count, Focker (Raleigh), Sparky (Respect)


Side Straddle Hops X 25 IC
Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

Batwings: Hold arms up for 20 count between exercises.
Forward LBACs X 20 IC
Backward LBACs X 20 IC
Seal Claps X 20 IC
Overhead Claps X 20 IC

The Thang:

Mosey toward Market Street entrance while doing BLIMPS: Stop at double speed bumps to perform the following exercises. Start with just burpees at first speed bump. At second, add Lunges, at third, add Imperial Walkers, etc.

5 Burpees
10 Lunges (each leg)
15 Imperial Walkers
20 Merkins
25 Plankjacks
30 Squats

Mosey back to skate park lot. At double speed bumps, sprint (or just push your pace) to next speed bump, then mosey to next double speed bump, repeat.

At skate park lot, we split into two teams for relay exercises. One person sprints halfway down to cup in middle of parking lot and picks out a notecard with an exercise on it. The rest of the team hold plank until sprinter returns. Upon his return, the whole team does the exercise on the card. The following exercises were on the cards:

Bobby Hurleys
Split Jacks
Monkey Humpers
Carolina Dry Docks
Copperhead Squats
Mountain Climbers
American Hammers
Heels to Heaven
Hello Dollys
Crunchy Frogs

Team 2 won so they picked the next exercise. Flounder called 10 count plank merkins.

Mosey back to flag.


Ansleigh’s Angels 5k tomorrow

Convergence tomorrow at 0700 at WB Park.

Nature Boy from Carpex provided some great mumblechatter and Focker from Raleigh gave YHC a good push on the interval sprints. Glad to have y’all here this morning!
It was an honor and a privilege to lead these gentlemen and 2.0 Flipper this morning!

Babyback OUT!


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