Metal Monday

Date: 7/1/19

AO: Leland Metal Monday

QIC: BoneSpur

# of Pax: 7

Pax: Snickers, Baby Daddy, SpyraGyra, Master of Disaster, Kicks, Jewel

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 40 IC, LBC x 30 IC, TippyTapps X 20 IC

The Thang: 9 Stations set up with dual movements.

1: Chest Press / Jump Lunges

2: Kettlebell Swing / V-ups

3: Bentover Rows / Mountain Climbers

4: Lateral Raises / LBC’s

5: Tricep Extensions / Squats

6: Bicep Curl / Merkins

7: Shoulder Press / Flutter Kicks

8: Hammer Curls / Plank Jacks

9: Run w/ Dumbells / 10 Burpees

Each PAX started with a station. The Run / Burpee station set the rotation cadence. Once the PAX ran around the perimeter of the parking lot with 20 lb dumbells, he call for a switch and each PAX began their alternating movement while the PAX completed 10 burpees. Next each PAX rotated to the next station and this continued for 3 rounds. We circled up after the three rounds for a ring of fire with 10 merkins each while maintaining plank position. Next we completed 40 LBCs and we finished with some morning BROGA.

COT: 4th of July convergence is this Thursday at Wrightsville Beach Park at 0700. We had 88 Pax last year and 89 at Memorial Day this year. Let’s shoot to break 100! Invite all the Pax you haven’t seen in awhile and help them beat the fartsack.



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