Sand Sharpens Iron

Date: 6-29-19


AO- F3Baywatch

Pax:  Ball Bearing, Bandwagon, Barnacle, Blue Crush (Raleigh), Blue Steel, Busted Grill, Chocolate Box(metro), Coffee Bean, Dean Wormer, Doubtfire, Flounder, Footie, Huck Finn, Hush puppy, Last, Michael Burpee (Greensboro), Offering Plate, Seahorse, Shut-in (carpex),  Snap-on, Starbuckles, Strawberry, The Flying wasp, Tiny Dancer, Tank, Tom Sawyer, Trump, Venus, and Waterboy.

30 pax showed up in the post gloom bright sunlight of a June 0700 Saturday, many after just competing in a rowdy Disco Inferno.  All were looking to sharpen some iron. Let’s see how it went down. 



10 cherry pickers IC

10 imperial walkers IC

20 seal claps in silent cadence – Some pax can’t count so we were rewarded with 10 burpees. 

Grab 2 shovel flags, for 2 lines as we Indian Run to intracoastal realty office. Once there, 20 heels to heaven IC waiting on the 6.  Continue to the beach. 

Tha Thang-

We placed the 2 shovel flags 7 miles apart on the beach for sevens. 

Bearcrawl from one flag to other 7 times. Do 7 squat jumps at each turn. 

Then partner up for Dora 100 hand-release merkins, 200 ankle-slap squats, 300 two-count flutters.

Partner 1 starts exercise at top of beach. Partner 2 runs to ocean for full submersion. Flapjack. 

Mosey back to flag for some Blue Crush Mary. 

CoT- Prayers for Gravity’s FIL and family. Prayers for Sooner as he leads Happy, Milkman, Buckshot, Old Soul, Bob Dole, Beignet, and Band-aid and others on a mission trip today to Puerto Rico.  Prayers for Huck Finn as he leaves Sunday for a mission trip to the gulf coast of Florida.  May they all make an impact on the people they meet and help. Thanks God for the beautiful AO and the awesome men we get to share it with. 

Moleskin- Blue Crush has been answering the bell on vacay and it’s been a pleasure to have you brother. Thanks for leading a Mary. Tclaps to Shut-in for posting and interviewing our Nant’an Tom Sawyer for the podcast Pick Up the 6.  Check it out here:

Yes, Tom Sawyer has a face for radio.  Strawberry, we have got to get you out to some week day workouts. You have too much fun at Baywatch not to do it all week long. I really wish I could decipher the Greensboro pax’s F3 name. He brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm. And burpees to Nameorama!  Trumpenus made a guest appearance in preparation for the annual, world famous 4th of July Baywatch. Y’all don’t miss it. 30 pax is not bad considering we have Summer Session, Iron Island, Topsail, and Broga Bay (unsanctioned) going on at same time. Tclaps pax!  SYITG

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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