Stingray Tour in the Gloom


AO: Stingray Cape Fear

# of PAX: 15

PAX: Footy, Bogey, Babyback, Magneto, 10 Count, Pledge, Sparkplug, Geiger, Sparky, FNG (Vroom), Offering Plate, Dino, Wapner, Thumbs, OTC

Warm-up: SSH in cadence x20, Baby Shark (SSH variance) in cadence x20 then flapjack, Daisy Picker in cadence x25, Imperial Walker in cadence x25

Mosey around soccer fields to far coupon pile

Thang 1: Dora variance, partner up and do a combined 100 Merkins, 150 We’re Not Worthy with 2 coupons, 200 Big Boy Presses (sit up shoulder press) with 2 coupons. After one round Geiger had to find a couple larger coupons, which was later regretted by YHC. When not doing the exercise, Partner 2 did SSH single count times 40 (we later switched to 40 squats just for variety). Time was called after the first group completed the circuit.

Continue Mosey around soccer fields to the bleachers by the bridge

Thang 2: OYO 10 Derkins, 10 Box Jumps, 40 LBC’s times 4 rounds. T-claps to Wapner and Geiger for doing their Box Jumps on the high side of the bleachers. After all PAX completed this one we continued Mosey around pond to complete our one mile loop and ended back at the flag.

Dino called out a couple Plank exercises and with two minutes left we did Flutter Kicks in cadence.

COT: Welcome Vroom who is Sparky’s son-in-law and Sparkplug’s 1.0 (Dad). Good to meet you Thumbs, keep posting Brother! Prayers for Babybacks’ M’s family as they memorialize her grandmother this weekend. Prayers for Dino as he flies to Wisconsin to be with family. Praise to 10 Count on losing 35 pounds over the past year, you have literally changed the face of Stingray and established EC as a regular AO. Praise to Magneto for showing us PAX how to be committed to F3 Stingray, you may not have any pain but are still gaining Brother!

It always invigorates me to lead you Men through a workout. I’d like to see you PAX that haven’t lead much to step up, lets sign up for a couple Q’s, lets fill up the calendar for the rest of the summer. OTC out!






Baby Shark
Plank jack
Daisy Picker
Imperial Walker
Mosey the long way around soccer field, stop at first corner, 10 burpees OYO
Continue Mosey to first coupon pile for DoRA: 100 Merkins, 150 We’re not worthy with two coupons, 200 Bigboy press with two coupons. Partner B does 40 SSH, then 40 plank jacks, then 40 squats
Continue Mosey around soccer fields, stop at bleachers: 10 Derkins, 10 box jumps, 40 LBC
11’s dips and incline merkins


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