QIC: FlightNurse

24 Pax: Busted Grill, Blue Crush (Raleigh), RedLine, Wreck-it-Ralph, Floppy Disk,Mayhem,Blade,Bromater, BigSky, JoCo,Gen X, AmorAll, McFly, Glowstick, PSB, SuperTrooper, SquareRoot, Snap-On, LETC, Last, Hoff, Niles, JiffyPop, YHC & Kali (4-legged Pax)

Warmarama: (IC) 47 SSH, 47 merkins oyo, 47 squats

The Thang:

Mosey to pavilion, pick a partner, grab a water bucket, “catch me if you can”, partner does 10 hand release merkins & 10 heel slap squats while the bucket man hustles. (1 gallon of water =8.34 lbs, approx 3-4 gallons in bucket)

Stop at S. College crosswalk. Advance team crossed before the 6 and took an unauthorized route which needed reconfiguring. (Blue Crush & LETC move quickly!!!) Hoff and his stache’ had road guard and is always looking out for his brothers.

Start “catch me if you can” again. Hugh McRae nature trail to path behind Rolan Grace middle school over the bridge to Hoggard fields. Leave the buckets. 

Line up on fence along soccer fields

Lunge walk to opposite fence- 5 burpees

Bear crawl back – 5 burpees 

Lunge walk to the fence– 5 burpees (strong work Hoff/LETC/Blue Crush/PSB/Super Trooper for “encouraging” brothers to finish strong and rally the Pax to the 6)

Grab buckets and repeat “catch me if you can” back to the AO

Arrive at AO with negative 2 minutes. (Time management is a struggle!!)

COT- Peanut butter ruck this Sunday at Edward Teach brewery to Nourish NC. Throw some peanut butter in your ruck and get moving. It can be a nutty or smooth event……….

@Hoff could use some of the love he’s always donating. Reach out to our brother.

@Gravity and @Tenebaum family continued health/healing prayers.

Grateful to lead this morning. Work out was designed to share the load your carrying with your brother. Life gets heavy and we don’t have to carry everything alone. Share the load, your brothers will be honored to carry it with you!!

Strong work @Blade and Bromater (Father/Son dynamic duo) for representing our country by flying the flag everywhere we went. Bromater burpees are legendary!!!!!!!


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