Nice to see you again OGAO, it’s been a while

26 June 2019


QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 20

PAX: Blue Steel, Redline, Floppy Disk, Mayhem, Undertaker, Beauty, Niles, Overbite, Gen X, PSB, Square Root, GlowStick, Mr T, Wreck-It-Ralph, Gravity, Flying Wasp, Jewel, FNG (Hushpuppy)

After having not been at OGAO in quite a while, YHC saw a lot of new faces. Which is a good thing #CapeFearRising. The other good in that was a whole new group of PAX could have the chance to pay to toll around Goose Poop Island.



Cotton Pickers x10IC

Toy Soldiers x15IC

The Thang

Indian run to the pull-up bars.

Pair up to make our laps and pay the toll.

Each Partner;

Pull-ups x10

Dips x20

Run opposite directions around GPI loop, when you meet;

Partner Handclap Merkins x10

Sumo Squats x20

LBC x30

Rinse & repeat x3

Quick mary while we wait for the 6.

Mosey around the outside HMP loop back toward the flag with a few stops (POAS). Unfortunately YHC can’t recall the exercises in full, PSB called Burpees x10, Mr. T called American Hammer, and something else. It was good, don’t worry.


100’s x33IC

Jump Lunges x20IC (Jewel)

Hello Dolly x15IC (Undertaker)

Burpees x10 OYO (Undertaker & Blue Steel)


Strong work everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve lead a large-ish group, it never stops being fun!

T-Claps to Big Sky for sharing his heart and testimony. If you haven’t watched the video he posted in slack, do it now. You will NOT have wasted your time.

Prayers for Gravity’s M and health/healing for family members.

With all the new faces in the mix, YHC is certain there should be some VQ’s coming soon.

All in, it was good to be back at the OGAO!

Stay Sharp…



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