Backblast Post: Fartlek out of the Fartsack

27 June 2019

AO: OGAO Cool Runnings

QIC: WaterBoy

4 PAX TOTAL: Hoveround, Flounder, Flipper, WaterBoy (QIC) Where were you??

Warmarama (IC): 30x high knees, 20x “gravel pickers,” OYO Stretch

The Thang: PAX Moseyed all the way down Lake Ave to the Mall parking lot, collectively farleking and picking up the six along the way (1.6 miles @ approx. 7 to 8:30 min pace)

Once at the mall, each PAX partnered up and did suicides across the mall parking lot while partner held the six inches reverse plank. Each time the PAX failed to hold the 6 inches, the partner executing suicides must execute 3x burpees. Repeated 5x for a total of 5 suicides (about 3/4 mile) and approx. 8 total minutes of 6 inches.

All PAX then moseyed back to HMP along Lake Ave, and sprinted the straightaway once across College Rd back to AO (1.6 miles)

COT: Prayers for Hoveround’s nephew in Nashville pursuing a career in the Christian music field.

If you weren’t here, you were wrong… beat the fartsack and get back at it next week! Wanted to Q one last time before I depart for a month in Ft. Knox on Monday. See you all in August! HOOAH! WaterBoy, out.


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