Beep Test & Bee


AO: Stingray

23 Pax: Footy, 10 Count, Sparkey, Knuckle Puck, Happy, Millman, Magnito, Morphious, Toby, Waterboy, Geiger, Wapner, Flounder, Flipper, Deen Warmer, OTC, Atari, Bam Bam, Baby Back, Offering Plate, Barnacle, Sooner, Dino

Q: Footy


30 Windmills 

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Side Stratal Hops 

10 Lindsey Vonns (poor showing)

30 Goof Balls

The Thang:

Mosey to Football Field

10 Burps OYO

Beep Test (google it)

10 Burps OYO

Ultimate Frisbee..but do this too:

-3 pushups on every turnover

-Choose an exercise after every score

10 Burps OYO



Prayers for Sooner and his awesome crusaders on their travels to Puerto Rico. Congrats to Radar and prayers of gratitude for his positive journey and recent achievement graduating from the police academy.


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