Battleground Dora Pyramid

Date: 6/26/19

QIC: Bluegrass

# of Pax: 7

PAX: Uglystick, RX, Crosswalk, Doubtfire, Rombus, Crepe Face


SSH x20


Lbac – forward

Lbac – reverse

Seal claps

Overhead claps


Mosey behind building

Here’s where the Dora began

100 – merkins

200 – squats

300 – LBC’s

25 OYO burpees per pax

200 – lunges

100 – plank jacks


Incline and decline merkins

Reverse crab walk between the two walls

Mosey back over to the flag


Flutter kicks x25

Hello Dolly x25

Freddie Mercury x25


Prayers for Crepe Faces family and his sister. Prayers for Uglystick and his M who is expecting their first child Aug 2. Continued prayers for our military and first responders.

Bluegrass Out!


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