18 years and 1 day

24 June 2019

AO: The Workshop

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Bob the Builder, Zuckerberg, LETC, JoCo, UglyStik, Noonan (F3Greensboro)

YHC failed to sign up to Q in celebration of my 18th anniversary, but LETC was gracious enough to allow his Q to be Hoff’d.

23 June 2001 was the day my M and I said I do, and it’s been an adventure since then.



Cotton Pickers x19IC

Toy Soldiers x10IC

The Thang

Carterico Indian Run to Stone St access.

Dora 1-2-3

100 Merkins | 200 Squats | 300 LBC

Partner runs to water for Burpees x3

9’s (just like 11’s, 9)

Diamond Merkins at the water

Sumo Squats at top of the “hill”

Head back to the municipal docks…

Swim from far outside dock to outside dock – Flutter Kicks x18

Swim back

Box Cutters x18

Swim back

Mosey back to the flag…


Hello Dolly x18IC

Freddie Mercury x18IC

American Hammer x18IC


Thank you again to LETC for handing over the keys this morning.

Thank you to everyone who pushes me get better.

I suck at sharing, but here goes my share…

18 years is a long time, no matter who you are. We’ve been through hell in those years. We’ve decided to stay when it was anything but easy. We lost our first child, Mason, who was born 16 weeks early. Mason was with us for weeks, and would be 17 this past January. Losing him torn our hearts up. I allowed myself to not feel anymore, and that affected my marriage. Marriage is a gift from God, but we have to keep it running.

I chose to choose my wife everyday, it’s not easy, but it is worth it.

Stay Sharp…



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