Summer Session Shenanigans

Date: 6/22/19

QIC: Bluegrass

PAX: 5 – MOD, Shoelace, Minivan, Snickers


SSH – IC x36

Mt climbers – IC x20

Hillbillies – IC x20


Dora 1,2,3

100 – plankjacks

200 – squats

300 – LBC’s

100 – merkins

200 – sumo squats

100 – big boy sit-ups



Hello Dolly – ICx20

Flutter Kicks – ICx20

LBC’S – ICx20

American Hammers -ICx37

Shoelace brought the entertainment today! Minivan…you sure do have your hands full!

Snickers nice to see you pay is a visit at Summer Session.

MOD strong work today man!


Prayers for Carly’s 4th birthday, (Minivan 2.0/Shoelace sister) – thanks Shoelace!

Bluegrass humbly out!


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