2 Years – Doracides and Broga

20 June 2019

AO: Breakpoint

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Mayhem, Doubtfire, Armor All, Water Boy, Hello Kitty, Niles, Flight Nurse, Floppy D, Jiffy Pop

Clear, warm, & humid conditions met the PAX of BreakPoint this morning. But not before Flight Nurse, YHC, & Kali went for an impromptu 1+ mosey. Thanks for the EC brother!

2 years ago to the day, YHC rang the first bell and had my ass handed to me at Battleship. We replicated a bit of that same workout today, just without the Nun St hill. (You’re welcome PAX)



Cotton Pickers x15IC

The Thang

Carterico Indian Run around to the basketball court.


50 Burpees

100 Crabjacks

150 Squats

200 LBCs

1 partner works AMRAP, 1 partner runs suicides across both courts.

Carterico Indian Run around to the Tennis Courts by the playground.

4 Corners

10 Mountain Climber Merkin

20 Sweat Angels

30 Deadstop Merkins

Balls to the Wall for 5 count from each PAX.

Indian Run (meaning Niles lead us in a mosey) back to the flag.

Broga lead by Niles consisting of movements YHC can neither name nor fully execute. #modifyifnecessary

COT / Moleskins

Wing-a-Thon : 22 June – Support McFly and Ainsley’s Angels give some $$!

Family Fun Day : 23 June @ HMP Shelter 3!

Hello Kitty’s Birthday is 23 June & there was another birthday boy in the mix, but I forget who…

Armor All had the Q @ Big Rock.

… YHC’s final musings…

2 years ago I made a decision to post for the first time, which was mostly easy, save waking up early. The hard part was posting a second and third and fourth time. I haven’t been the most frequent PAX in the recent past due to life and work, but I have NOT forgotten the impact F3 had and continues to have on me. I’m in a new season with work and life to some degree, so expect to see me a bit more frequently soon.

If you read this far, thanks. You make me a better man. I love all of you.

Stay Sharp…



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